We planned for it and we made it happen

Son Le Thanh (Son)
2 min readOct 26, 2023

Viet Engineers Stories workshop “Playbook for a high-velocity engineering team” in Saigon has ended with a blast.

A bit overwhelming with too much content delivered in almost 3.5 hours on a Saturday morning 😅

Nevertheless, a lot of learning and laughters. Learning also happened among the participants. “I have dealt with manging a distributed team in different geographies, let me share my learning” — one of the participants said after Henry has finished “Team Topologies” slide.

Surprisingly, coach Henry Suryawirawan has done a really good job with engaging the audience, the workshop had to stretch over 40 minutes.

Undoubtedly, the energy in the room was really hard to replicate if we had delivered the workshop via Zoom.

Still, there are a lot of room for improvement in the next iteration.

At least, we planned for it and we made it happen. Everything was done within less than a month from planning to execution.

Most importantly, thank you so much for the amazing people who supported us on this journey.



Son Le Thanh (Son)

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